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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by The Illustration Shop.

Everything here is made by me, Jane Stadermann. Basically I am trying to pay the rent, keep food on the table and pay for petrol. I am a single mum who lives in a little rented flat in Glebe, Sydney, with my two awesome sons who keep my heart beating happily. I like light-hearted, upbeat, sweet or cool things on the walls. I have a penchant for toys, superheroes and characters from books. If you buy my work, I hope it makes you smile. I’d like that a lot.

If you would like to drop me a line about anything, please do.

If there are any local artists/illustrators who may want to be on the website, as I’m thinking about adding others in the future, contact me. Not traditional artists...more ones that have an illustrative feel, either picture book...or graffiti...or something chill and fun. I’m definitely not looking to make money out of other artists – more of a collaboration.

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